Wednesday, March 26, 2008

19. Dear Peter Rabbit
20. Yours Truly, Goldilocks

by Alma Flor Ada, illustrated by Leslie Tryon

I had to wait around the public library while some CDs for an audiobook were being cleaned, and these books were part of a display on fairy tale versions and variations. Ada has taken familiar characters such as the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Peter Rabbit, the Big Bad Wolf, and Red Riding Hood, and concocted a new story through their correspondence. Dear Peter Rabbit is the first book with Yours Truly, Goldilocks as the sequel. The letter takes up one side of the double-page spread, and Tryon's detailed, pen and ink with watercolor illustrations comprise the full page of the other side, as well as some wordless double-page spreads at the middle and end of each book. Tryon also included a map of the "streets" in the addresses of the letter-writers in the sequel (although I don't think it's quite accurate).

These books, along with another in the series (With Love, Little Red Hen), would be perfect for a lesson on fractured fairy tales and/or letter-writing. I will be purchasing all three for my library's collection.


  1. Dear Amanda
    Thanks for reviewing two of the Hidden Forest books, Dear Peter Rabbit and Yours Truly, Goldilocks. These books have been very well received through the years they have been published also in Spanish and recently Dear Peter Rabbit was published in Korea, in Korean. In With Love Little Red Hen, we introduced two new characters, the Red Hen and her cousin Hetty Hen. Both Leslie Tryon, who has created the visual images of this world and myself, particularly love this character of the hard working resilient hen and have divided her characteristics and strength into two resourceful hens. I particularly love the illustrations of this book and Red Hen many chicks... :And now a fourth book of the series has come out. Instead of the letter format of the first three EXTRA! EXTRA! has been written and designed as a newspaper. It's central story is that of the giant bean stalk that surprises and worries Hidden Forest neighbors, the Op-Eds show the opposing views of those who want to get rid of what they consider a menace and those who see value in diversity and propose to wait and see...
    Again, thanks so much for your comment on my books. Feel free to visit me at
    All best wishes, cordially, Alma Flor Ada

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Alma, and for telling me about EXTRA! EXTRA!. I'll purchase that for my library's collection, too.

  3. Laura discovered these a few years ago and really, really enjoyed them. I happened upon Extra! Extra! not long ago in the library and was delighted to see that it was in the same series. I never did manage a review of it, unfortunately.