Sunday, May 04, 2008

26. The Quilter's Homecoming

by Jennifer Chiaverini,
audiobook read by Christina Moore

I've read or listened to most of the books in this Elm Creek Quilt series over the past few years when I've wanted escapist fare; something not too challenging as respite from some of the more "serious" stuff I read for book clubs or advance reader editions to review. This was no different.

Set mostly in 1925, with an eventually-intertwining story that begins in the late 1800's, this is the story of Elizabeth Bergstrom Nelson, the cousin of the main character, Sylvia, in the present-day Elm Creek stories. Elizabeth and her new husband leave Elm Creek for a ranch in California, but circumstances aren't quite what they seem. Elizabeth becomes involved with Rosa, a descendant of the ranch's original Mexican owners, whose story is told in flashbacks.

Christina Moore has read all the Elm Creek audiobooks I've listened to so far, and does a fine job. Her rendering of Elizabeth's husband Henry seems appropriate, as he sounds as sarcastic and gloomy as the story implies he might be.

As with Chiaverini's other books, a number of quilts and their patterns play into the story. A "Chimneys and Cornerstones" pattern (that was also mentioned in Chiaverini's The Christmas Quilt) and a Double Wedding Ring design that are wedding gifts from Bergstrom women must be sold to make ends meet. Elizabeth eventually recovers the former, but the latter appears to be lost. Wanna bet it will reappear in a future Elm Creek tale?

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