Saturday, November 22, 2008

65. The NTH Reader: Neglected Texas History

by Charles Chupp

This is a collection of humorous essays more or less about Texas history that my father enjoyed and gave me to read. There are 63 in all, some rather flippant ones about well-known Texas incidents (the Alamo), politicians (Ma Ferguson) and other famous people (Sam Houston). The better stories were those that are less commonly known, such as "Woe in Waco," a fascinating story about early lawlessness in this Bible Belt buckle town. The book is peppered with a number of black-and-white illustrations, many of them rather good drawings by Chipp. A fun read, probably best for those who already know their Texas history pretty well, who will get the in-jokes and can tell when Chupp is being tongue-in-cheek.

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