Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time out...

Illness starting on Thanksgiving followed by Christmas preparations and guests kept me from book blogging during the rest of 2009. I have 12 books that I finished in 2009 that I still need to blog about. I'll try to catch up in 2010.

This break has also given me the opportunity to think about how I am going to handle the new FTC rules about endorsements and testimonials and their effect on blogging. An interview with Richard Cleland of the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the FTC specifically addresses book bloggers. After seeing how some book bloggers I respect handle this, I decided on the following:

Full disclosure: I am a librarian, although my book reviews are written on my own time. The only stuff I select for purchase at my (small state university) library are children's books and audiobooks. I don’t keep the books I receive from publishers. The books that I receive are typically added to my library’s collection (which usually takes at least six months), unless they are bound galleys or advance reader editions or copies (ARCs). ARCs are shared with colleagues or put in the "casual reading corner" (free paperbacks in the student lounge) in our library. Some ARCs and review copies are donated to nonprofit Friends of the Library book sales (well after the publication dates).

From now on I'll add a line at the end of the review about where I got the book (library, publisher, author, purchase, gift) and where it's going next.