Saturday, October 09, 2010

Books I Could Not Finish

With less than three months left in this year, here are three books I started in 2010 and did/will not finish:

The Wishing Trees by John Shors - I received this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.  Ian takes his ten-year-old daughter Mattie on a trip to various Asian countries to honor the wish of his dead wife, Kate. I gave this book a good 100+ pages but just could not go on.  Too sad and sappy and repetitive (visit country, meet some unfortunates, help them, deal with grief).  Ian's Australian accent got to be annoying.

 How to Read the Air by Dinaw Mengestu - I was sent this book from the publisher.  I'm more than halfway through it (read 184 pages), but it just does not grab me.  The four main characters are Jonas, his Ethiopian immigrant parents Mariam and Yosef, and Jonas' wife Angela.  There are also four intertwined stories:  Jonas' and Angela's rocky relationship, Yosef's exodus to America; Yosef's and Mariam's road trip through the Midwest; and Jonas' present-day retracing of that trip.  I found them hard to follow, especially with Jonas' frequent stretching of the truth.  It got to the point where I did not want to try any more.

 Into the Path of Gods by Kathleen Cunningham Guler - I obtained this book directly from the author in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway.  She had 150 copies to give away of this older book, which should have told me something right there.  The description, "a blend of Dark Age Britain’s history, its Celtic roots and the Arthurian legend," led me to believe it might interest me.  I've picked it up and read a bit numerous times since receiving it last December, and have read well over half the book, but it has long stretches where nothing happens.  The book is also full of spelling and grammar errors, and words that are invented or used improperly, as well as historical inaccuracies.  The premise of the book (almost a prequel to Arthurian legends) is good, and I like the inclusion of a pronunciation guide and map at the beginning, but it wasn't enough to make up for the poor writing and plodding plot.

© Amanda Pape - 2010

[The Wishing Trees and Into the Path of Gods have been given to the local Friends of the Library for their book sale.  How to Read the Air, as it is an advance copy, will be passed on to someone else.]


  1. At least you are still reading. I read one book on my new kindle and one more on vacation in June. Maybe five books all year. I can't wait until I find that one book that I can't put down.

    I am always impressed with the wide variety of types of books you read. I am a HEA girl

  2. HEA = Happily Ever After = Romance? That seems to be what's mostly in your LibraryThing! :)