Monday, June 27, 2011

231 (2011 #36): Salt: A World History

by Mark Kurlansky

My former book club in the Seattle area was supposed to read and discuss this book this year, which is why it was on my list.  I'm not sure if they actually did.  I know I can't recommend it to my current book club.  I'm afraid most of them would fall asleep.

The subtitle is a misnomer.  The book is not really a history of salt, but rather a collection of historical anecdotes.  They ARE interesting, and the choppiness of the 449-page book actually made it easier to read. (There are also a 13-page bibliography and 18-page index, but no end notes.)   I did find, though, that it was a good book to read at bedtime.  The book often DID put me to sleep, and it took me over a month to read it.

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[I borrowed this book from my university library.]

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