Wednesday, May 29, 2013

338 (2013 #22). Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary

by Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven

Like Inside Anne Frank's House and the Anne Frank graphic biography, this book was produced by the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, the source for many of the photographs in the book, which is subtitled "A Photographic Remembrance." 

This book would be an excellent companion to the reading of Anne Frank's diary by students, probably about grade 6 and up.  While it does not have as many photographs as Inside Anne Frank's House, some of the images were ones I had not seen elsewhere, and the text in this book is more readable (even though it is also translated from Dutch). 

One of the most interesting images is on page 89, of a group of Frank family photo albums retrieved from the Secret Annex at the same time Anne's diary was saved.   I was pleased to see that the family had been able to bring their cherished photo albums with them into hiding, and that the albums have been preserved.  I can see hints of photos in that album that I haven't seen elsewhere. Now I need to search for a book that replicates the albums!

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 [This book is part of my personal collection. It is a library discard purchased at a used book sale.]

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