Thursday, January 23, 2014

374 (2014 #2). The Full Moon Bride

by Shobhan Bantwal

This book was the January selection for my local book club.  It's about 30-year-old Indian-American lawyer Soorya Giri, who still lives at home with her immigrant parents, her wealthy doctor father and his wife.  Soorya doesn't consider herself attractive - she's on a diet throughout the book, which she constantly (and irritatingly) refers to - and consents to "bride viewings" in an effort to get married.

These don't go well until she meets Rajesh "Roger" Vadepalli, to whom she is instantly attracted.  She thinks he's just after her family's money, though, since Roger isn't the typical Indian-American male pursuing a lucrative career in medicine, law, engineering, or computer science.  He wants to produce plays.

The romance plot line is somewhat predictable,  but I enjoyed learning more about Indian-American culture.  Soorya is a very human character who gets a bit sarcastic when she thinks the worst of others.  It was refreshing to see that other cultures - Indian-American in this case - have their own prejudices against the (so-called majority) whites as well as other races, after reading so many books where whites are always painted as the villains. 

Author Shobhan Bantwal was born and raised in India and came to the United States when she was a young bride in an arranged marriage.  She certain understands and can relate the cultural conflicts of immigrant Indian-Americans and their US-born offspring.  Her website says, "Welcome to Bollywood in a book!" and that's what this is - a light, entertaining read.  Not a lot to discuss in book club, but a perfect book to read during or just after a vacation.

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[This book was borrowed and returned via interlibrary loan.]

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