Friday, February 14, 2014

377 & 378 (2014 #5 & #6). Two Saint Valentine Picture Books

Both of these picture books are titled "Saint Valentine."  One is written by Ann Tompert and illustrated in watercolors by Lithuanian artist Kęstutis Kasparavičius.  The other is written and illustrated by Robert Sabuda, using "mosaics created from marbleized and hand-painted papers (adhered to gray speckletone paper)," as stated on the verso of the book.
Very little is known about the real Saint Valentine.  There may have been as many as three, but all were martyrs with a feast day of February 14.  Both of these books focus on the St. Valentine of Rome, who lived in the latter half of the third century and may have been a doctor as well as a Christian priest. Both books relay some of the legends about him.

I really love the illustrations in Sabuda's book, especially this one:
© Amanda Pape - 2014

[The book by Ann Tompert was borrowed from and returned to my university library.  I purchased the book by Robert Sabuda and will be donating it to my university library.]

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