Monday, October 27, 2014

428 (2014 #56). A Fifty-Year Silence

by Miranda Richmond Mouillot

This memoir held my interest enough to keep me reading it, but not enough that I "couldn't put it down" - I could. It was hard to follow at times.

Miranda Richmond Mouillot was trying to figure out why her maternal grandparents split up and never spoke to each other again.  Despite the fact that they are still alive and lucid when she starts wondering about this, it seems she can't ask them about it.  Her grandmother, Anna, always talks in circles around the subject, and her grandfather, Armand, evades it altogether.  I found neither Anna nor Armand to be compelling; I didn't really care about them or what happened to them as Jewish refugees during World War II.  The only interesting part of their story, for me, was their escape into Switzerland.

A bit more interesting was the story of Miranda moving into her grandparents' abandoned, crumbling old house in a small village in France.  I could relate to her obsession with the house, and was pleased to see her fall in love while living there.

The uncorrected proof I received indicated that maps would be included in thefinal  book, which should be helpful both in tracing her grandparents' journeys as well as the author's.

© Amanda Pape - 2014

[I received an advance reading copy from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.  It will be passed on to someone else to enjoy.]

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