Friday, December 05, 2014

433 (2014 #61). The Valentine's Day Disaster

by Lori Wilde

This novella is actually a good length--192 pages in paperback, although I read the e-book, so I'm not sure if that page total includes the four excerpts and one sneak peak of other books that are in the Kindle edition.  Like the others in the series, it is set in my town of Twilight (Granbury), Texas, with events and settings that actually exist (or happened).

Sesty Snow is an event planner who is running a date-with-a-bachelor fundraising auction, an event "designed to bring additional tourism dollars into Hood County and justify the new lakeside conference center that some gung-ho politico had convinced voters they needed."  (So true!)

"Hunks-in-the-Hood" (known here as Handsome Hunks of Hood County) will benefit Holly's House (known here as Ruth's Place), which provides medical care to needy families in the area.  Sesty has twelve bachelors lined up, but one is no longer available due to an injury.

Who walks in to take his place (as community service for damaging the local judge's half-sister's garish Valentine's Day house decorations)?  None other than injured NASCAR driver Josh Langtree, Sesty's high school sweetheart.

You can figure out where things go from there.  Lori Wilde also incorporated a tornado into the storyline:  "The previous year, a tornado had hit Twilight and lives were lost, and now everyone was edgy when it came to thunderstorms."  Very true for me since Granbury's May 2013 tornado!

This novella seems to stand alone - it's not crucial to have read any other books in the Twilight, Texas series, although doing so probably makes some of the characters and settings feel more familiar.  Thankfully Sheriff Hondo Crouch only has a single brief mention in this book.

Overall - a fun, quick read for Valentine's Day or any other time you want a little romance.

Less than two hours until the meet-and-greet with Lori Wilde - now I feel prepared!

© Amanda Pape - 2014

[This e-book was borrowed from and returned to the library.]

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