Saturday, May 30, 2015

480 (2015 #37). The Last Anniversary

by Liane Moriarty

Thirty-nine year old Sophie Honeywell is still single, and surprised to hear from her former boyfriend Thomas Gordon, especially after their awkward breakup just before he was ready to take her to Fiji to propose.  He tells her his great aunt Connie has died and left Sophie her quirky house on tiny (fictional) Scribbly Gum Island in Australia.  Veronika, Thomas' sister and Sophie's former friend, is not too happy about that.

Thus Sophie gets to better know all the few but related year-round inhabitants of the island - Connie's sister Ruth, Thomas' cousin Grace and her handsome husband Callum and their baby Jake, and Thomas' parents Margie and Ron.  Oh, and of course Margie's mom and the grandmother of Grace, Thomas, and Veronika.  That would be Enigma, the famous baby of the "Munro Baby Mystery," whose parents disappeared and left her behind in her crib in their house on the island, to be taken in and raised by Connie and Rose.  Since then, the family has made good money from tours and special events related to the "Mystery."

Complications ensue with Grace's post-partum depression and seemingly-uncaring mother Laura, Margie's weight-loss program, and Sophie's efforts to find the dream man Connie hinted would be perfect for Sophie.

I've read a number of books now by Liane Moriarty, and so far, I like this one the least.  It's mostly because there are a few short chapters where a couple of characters are having a conversation, and those characters are not identified.  Sometimes you can guess who they are from the context, but many times I found myself puzzled as to who was speaking.  I found Grace's behavior to be very disturbing, and the "mystery" was rather predictable.  The last anniversary of the title is the setting for the climax of many of the conflicts in the book.  Even though this book was not too great, I'd still read another by Moriarty.

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[This e-book was borrowed from and returned to my local public library.]

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