Monday, March 07, 2016

541 (2016 #7). Boys in the Trees

by Carly Simon

Singer Carly Simon's memoir was...interesting.  A little disjointed, but interesting.

I was surprised to learn that Simon was a rather awkward little girl with a stutter, who found she could overcome the latter problem by singing.  Also unforeseen was her mother's apparent taking of a younger lover, right within the family home for her husband and children to see.

Not too surprising was the lack of love and attention (at least as perceived by Carly) from her father (of Simon and Schuster fame), the apparent molestation by an older "friend" starting when she was seven, and the name-dropping of various celebrities, including most of the men she slept with.

The book could use some heavy editing; however, it's also lacking in many areas.  For example, it ends shortly after her marriage with musician James Taylor broke up.  That was in 1983, but there was very little in the book about her life after that.

The book is enhanced with a number of photographs of Carly and her family members over the years, including the cover photo.  Too small in the e-book, but apparently not a whole lot bigger in the print book.  While this memoir is somewhat disappointing for me, I *am* looking forward to listening to the companion CD collection, "Songs from the Trees," with most of the music referenced in the book.

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[This e-book was borrowed from and returned to my university library's collection.]

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