Friday, August 05, 2016

672 - 674 (2016 #27 - #29). Three Children's Books

The Toad is another cute book in Elise Gravel's "Disgusting Critters" series. The illustrations are funny and should interest children, while the text (especially the comments by the toads) has some humor for the adults that might be reading the book aloud, yet is easy enough for many young readers to understand. This would be a good addition to a school or classroom library...or a university library used by future teachers.  This hardbound copy is definitely going into the latter collection I manage, joining Head Lice and others in the series I plan to buy.

The Golden Key is a  Victorian fairy tale by George MacDonald, first published in 1867.  It was confusing and not particularly interesting to me - perhaps I'm just not the right audience, never having been much for fantasy. The detailed scratchboard illustrations by Ruth Sanderson, however, are marvelous! As this technique of etching into a thin layer of white clay coated with black ink originated in the 19th century, it seems very appropriate for this somewhat dark tale.  This paperback advance reader edition will be passed on to someone else to enjoy.

Prince Noah and the School Pirates, written by Silke Schnee, illustrated by Heike Sistig, and translated by Erna Albertz, was originally published in Germany.  This picture book fantasy has a nice message about not categorizing children in schools based on gender or perceived disabilities. However, the message is lost in the overly-wordy text and too-detailed (though colorful) illustrations.

[I received these books from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.]

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