Tuesday, November 29, 2016

697 (2016 #52). Lake in the Clouds

by Sara Donati,
read by Kate Reading

This is the third book in Sara Donati's Wilderness series, featuring the Bonner family (and their friends and kin) of New York.  This one takes place in 1802, eight years after the previous book.

Elizabeth Middleton Bonner, the female lead of the first two books, is still a player here, but the focus is on her stepdaughter Hannah, now 18 years old.  A good part of the story takes place in New York City, where Hannah goes to learn how to inoculate against smallpox.

Learning about medical treatment in the early 1800s, and life in a large city then, was quite interesting - for both Hannah and this reader.  You know too that, just as characters from previous books in the series reappear in this one, new characters introduced in this book (such as Dr. Savard) are bound to be in later books in this series.

There's also a lot of action back in Paradise, the fictional town in the real Adirondacks near Lake George and Saratoga, both of which I have visited.  In both locations, runaway slaves and the efforts by some slaveholders to bypass the 1799 gradual manumission laws provide the impetus for an interesting story arc.

There's not as much romance in this book as in the first two in the series - which is a good thing, in my opinion, and causes me to classify it as historical fiction rather than historical romance.  In fact there's so little romance that the conclusion for Hannah just doesn't ring true for me.  Still, I will be continuing on with this series.  Kate Reading's excellent narration in the audiobook certainly helps.

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[The audiobook, and a print copy for reference, were borrowed from and returned to public libraries.]

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