Monday, January 16, 2017

705 (2017 #3). A Wedding for Christmas

by Lori Wilde

A little over a year ago, I read I'll Be Home for Christmas, Lori Wilde's previous book in her romance series set in mythical Twilight, Texas (aka Granbury, my current home town).  I predicted that Lori's next Twilight novel would be about a character in that book, Katie Cheek - and I was right!

This novel starts with a flashback to the time of the previous one.  Katie has traded her home in Twilight for that of Gabi Preston in Los Angeles for the Christmas season (like in the movie The Holiday - which I have not seen).  Both women are looking for a change in pace.  In Katie's case, she is ready to move on after the death of her fiance over a year earlier.

While attending a charity event in L.A. in a hot red dress borrowed from Gabi's closet, Katie is bowled over - literally - by her old crush from Twilight - Ryder Southerland, her brother Joe's best friend.  Hot sex ensues.  But Katie sneaks out without saying goodbye and goes back home, with the courage now to change her life.

Flash-forward one year, and Gabi and Joe are getting married.  Yup, you guessed it - Katie is the maid of honor, and Ryder is the best man.  The story from then on is pretty predictable, except for one interesting twist.  Katie's OCD tendencies have led to her operating an organizing business.  She's called in to clean up the home of a recently deceased hoarder so the widower owner will be allowed to return there after hospitalization.  That owner turns out to be Ryder's father.  More interesting to me, though, was a hypothesis Wilde shared about reasons for hoarding and compulsive buying, including attempts to fill emotional voids in life.

It was fun to see references to couples from other books in the series besides Gabi and Joe:  Emma and Sam, Sesty and Josh, Meredith and Hutch, Sarah and Travis, and Caitlyn and Gideon.   This was an easy, light read, perfect for the holiday season.

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[This e-book was borrowed from and returned to a public library.]

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