Sunday, January 29, 2017

718 (2017 #16). Lady Cop Makes Trouble

by Amy Stewart

This book is a sequel to Girl Waits With Gun, and it's helpful (but not absolutely necessary) to have read that book first, if only to know more of the backstory of the three Kopp sisters, Constance, Norma, and Fleurette.

It's the summer of 1915, and Constance, the heroine in both books, is working as a deputy to Sheriff Robert Heath in Bergen County, New Jersey.  That is, she's doing so unofficially, since the laws in that place and time required that deputy sheriffs be eligible to vote - and women weren't allowed to vote in 1915.  Officially, she is matron for the female jail, but she's called upon to investigate (and sometimes make arrests), primarily in crimes involving women (as criminals or victims).

Constance is also fluent in French and German, and so the sheriff brings her along to the hospital one day to translate for a prisoner undergoing treatment there.  There's a storm, accidents outside the hospital pull the sheriff away, the power goes out - and the prisoner escapes.  To save her job (and that of the sheriff, who, under state law in those days, could be imprisoned himself for letting a prisoner escape), Constance must find the escapee, Doctor Reverend Baron Herman Albert von Matthesius (a real criminal).

That part of the story drags out a bit, but this was still a fast, fun read.  Once again, author Amy Stewart has based her novel on real incidents she found from newspaper and other research in the life of the real Constance Kopp.  Most of the other characters are based on real people as well.

There are going to be at least three more books in the series - I'm looking forward to them.

from page 304 of Lady Cop Makes Trouble

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