Saturday, March 31, 2018

799 (2018 #22). Lady Bird and Lyndon

by Betty Boyd Caroli,
read by Amanda Carlin

Despite its title, this book is more a biography of First Lady Claudia "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson than even a study of her marriage with President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  She comes off looking far better than he does.  Not the typical woman, wife and mother of that era (1930s through 1960s), Lady Bird was the perfect political spouse and a successful businesswoman in her own right.  I enjoyed learning more about her in Lady Bird and Lyndon, far more than I expected.

The print version (as viewed in excerpts on Amazon) has extensive end notes.  Author Betty Boyd Caroli used a number of primary sources in this work, including Lady Bird's White House diary (both the published version and the original stored at the LBJ Library), as well as other source material stored at the presidential library, including recordings and transcripts of meetings and conversations, home movies made by Lady Bird, and the couple's 1934 courtship letters.

Amanda Carlin was a good reader, using Southern accents when quoting Lady Bird or Lyndon, which helped to distinguish that what they were saying was within quotation marks.  However, she mispronounced Pedernales and Llano.  Ideally a top-notch narrator would research correct regional pronunciations of place names, and if not, the audiobook editors should have done it.  Fortunately these words were only used three to four times in the book, otherwise the mispronunciations would have driven me crazy.

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[This electronic audiobook was borrowed from and returned to my university library.]

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